• Do you have a pool fence separating your pool from your neighbour?

  • Do you have a pool fence restricting access from your house to your pool?

  • Does the outside of your pool fence measure at least 1.2 metres high all the way around?

  • Is the bottom of your pool fence less than 100 millimetres off the ground all the way around?

  • Are the vertical or near-vertical fence uprights less than 100 millimetres apart?

  • Are the horizontal or near horizontal fence rails are at least 900 millimetres apart?

  • Is the top of your pool fence at least 900 millimetres above any low horizontal fence rail?

  • Are there any holes in the railings or broken posts?

  • Is your pool fence is at least 900 millimetres away from any objects eg.BBQs, trees, rocks, shrubs, furniture?

  • Do you have a CPR sign on display?

  • Does the pool gate close by itself from any open position?

  • Does the pool gate latch by itself when it closes?

  • Does the pool gate open outwards, away from the pool?

  • Do you have a latch release, at least 1.5 metres above the ground or covered so a child cannot open the gate?


  • Do you have any doors and windows that could allow a child to go from your house directly to the pool area?

  • Do you have windows opening onto a pool area – if so are they at least 1.2 metres above the floor or do not open wider than 100 millimetres or have been fitted with security screens?

  • Are the walls of the pool at least 1.2 metres high all the way around?

  • Are the sides of the pool are free of bracing, indents, projections and filtration equipment?

  • Are there any pieces of equipment (e.g. ladders and filters) enclosed by a fence with a self-closing gate?

DISCLAIMER: This checklist is aimed to give you a guideline and is by no means an alternative to having a licenced pool inspector check your pool. Please refer to Legislation Links on our website for a complete interpretation of the requirements.

Safety First

Climbable objects, such as garden furniture and pot plants, can present a significant risk to young children accessing the pool area and should be kept well clear of the pool fence and put away when not in use or fixed so that they cannot be moved by a young child.

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Book An Inspection - 0402 029 533

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If you are a real estate agent, manager of a resort or hotel with shared pools or a private homeowner planning to sell Your Pool Inspection can assist with ensuring your pool meets the pool safety certificate.